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What date will Tayrona Park close in 2024?

Travelers, we bring you the upcoming closure dates for Tayrona National Natural Park (do not confuse with Ciudad Perdida, two very distinct destinations).

In an endeavor to conserve and promote biodiversity, ecosystems, and spirituality, Tayrona National Natural Park is gearing up for its first closure of 2024, scheduled from February 1st to February 15th.

This closure, one of three authorized annually, arises from a negotiated agreement with indigenous communities of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, including the Arhuaco, Kankuamo, Kogui, and Wiwa. During this period, these communities engage in spiritual rituals dedicated to Mother Earth, an a ct of profound respect and connection with nature.

Known as ‘Kugkui Shikasa,’ this period signifies the time when the land renews itself, a vital cycle of revitalization celebrated with reverence for the magnificence of nature. Over these two weeks, Tayrona Park will close its doors to the public, allowing local flora and fauna to flourish and regenerate without human interference.

In addition to the current closure in February, upcoming closure periods are scheduled from June 1st to June 15th (Saka Jusu Season) and from October 19th to November 2nd (Nabbatsishi Season). These special moments not only provide an opportunity for land regeneration but also invite visitors to reflect on the importance of preserving the natural and spiritual richness that Tayrona Park represents.

When planning your visit to Tayrona National Natural Park, keep these annual closures in mind and join the collective effort to respect the land and its vital cycles. Experience the magic of nature in its purest form and contribute to the preservation of this natural treasure for future generations.

Discover the Earth’s renewal at the heart of Tayrona Park!

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