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The Tayrona: In the majestic lands of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, we find the captivating indigenous peoples Wiwas, Kogui, Arhuacos and Kankuamos, direct heirs of the ancestral culture of the Tayronas, who ruled from the coasts of the Caribbean Sea to the imposing snow-capped peaks. Currently, this impressive mountain range is divided into three departments: Magdalena, Guajira and Cesar. Although the Colombian government has established administrative divisions, these communities maintain their autonomy in the administration of justice, territorially and culturally. Despite some state recognition, they call themselves “indigenous councils,” recognized by the nearest mayor’s offices, such as Santa Marta in Magdalena, Riohacha in Guajira and Valledupar in Cesar.

The indigenous reservations are administrative entities recognized by the Colombian government, granting greater autonomy in their ancestral territories. In these reservations, indigenous peoples can make decisions that affect the daily lives of their inhabitants vis-à-vis the national government. An outstanding example is the “KOGUI-MALAYO-ARHUACO Reservation,” recognized by the State at the end of the 20th century, covering the three northern departments of the country.

Explore the authenticity of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

On your journey to the Lost City, you will meet two indigenous peoples, the Koguis and Wiwas. Although they do not allow travelers to enter their indigenous houses, you can walk near the towns and immerse yourself in their enriching culture. It is believed that many practices of the Tayrona civilization survive in these four indigenous towns. However, unfortunately, valuable ancestral knowledge has been lost due to various adversities such as diseases, murders and migrations. Despite everything, the Kogi people stand out for preserving ancient cultural traditions, including their Kouggian language.

Live a unique experience: Travel with Indigenous Guides to Ciudad Perdida – The Tayrona

Since 2008, these indigenous people have forged a travel agency with native guides, allowing travelers to immerse themselves in the rich Tairona cultures and discover the Lost City from the perspective of indigenous tradition.

If you want to explore this fascinating place, we invite you to book with us and travel in the company of an indigenous guide. Discover the authenticity of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. We will wait for you!

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