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Discover the fascinating history of Lost City with local indigenous people.

Lost City
  • 4 days full of experience with indigenous people, learning the culture and their language
  • We leave every day from Santa Marta, northern Colombia
  • Sé parte de una de las aventuras más fascinantes de Colombia y Sudamérica
  • You will walk about 8 to 10 hours a day


You must deposit 15% ($66 USD) or (262,500 COP) and there will be a remaining balance of 1,487,500 in Colombian pesos that you can pay directly at our office at the time you start the tour.


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Itinerary for the 4-day tour

DAY 1: Exploring the trail to Mamey

We will start this adventure at 8:30 am from the Historic Center of Santa Marta, the group will meet to embark on a new experience. We leave for the charming peasant town called El Mamey, located in the depths of the Sierra Nevada. The Jeep ride lasts approximately 3 hours and immerses us in a picturesque rural environment. After lunch in El Mamey, we begin a walk along an ecological path, surrounded by vegetation and a pleasant climate. Information stops and refreshment points accompany us on the journey until we reach the first camp around 5:00 pm. Here, we enjoy a heartwarming group dinner and indigenous chat around the campfire.

DAY 2: Exploring Nature and Waterfalls

The second day challenges us with a more demanding, but rewarding walk. After breakfast at 6:00 am, we set out on a 4-hour trail, exploring mountains and rivers, with sights and sounds that delight adventurous spirits. We arrive at the WIWA Camp, where we have lunch and delight ourselves with the impressive Wiwa Waterfall. We return to the path to the Lost City, surrounded by panoramic views and the jungle that embraces us. At the end of the day, we share experiences in the last camp, next to a relaxing river and a replenishing dinner.

DAY 3: Sunrise on the Terraces of the Lost City

The third day gives us a magical sunrise on the terraces of Teyuna and Ciudad Perdida. Rising at 5:30 am, we ascend 1,250 stone steps to the first circular terraces. Guided by experts, we explore the mysteries of the Lost City, learning about indigenous life in the heights. Group activities and opportunities to capture memories in photos enrich the experience. After the return to the Paraíso camp, we have lunch and return to the Wiwa Camp, where we share stories around a cultural campfire.

DAY 4: Return with Unforgettable Memories

The fourth day marks the return to Santa Marta. We begin the return walk, passing through the first camp and enjoying the opportunity to purchase authentic indigenous souvenirs at a local store. The tour concludes around 12:00 pm at El Mamey, where we have lunch and share farewells before boarding the Jeep back to Santa Marta. We arrive in the city at 4:00 pm, with hearts full of unforgettable memories of this exciting adventure in the Sierra Nevada.

Embark on this 4-day, 3-night tour to the Lost City and discover a world of natural and cultural wonders deep in the Sierra Nevada.

Price and what does it include?

Price 2023: 1,750,000 Colombian pesos, about 450 USD, Approximately: INCLUDES: food, indigenous guides, lodging, payment for permits to enter the indigenous reservation, travel insurance policy, snacks, round-trip transportation by jeep.

List of items you should take in your backpack to travel to Ciudad Perdida
  1. Insect repellent (in Santa Marta there is a good one called “No Pikes”)
  2. Sandals (Hawaiian type to cross rivers)
  3. Sunscreen
  4. Long pants, sometimes at night the temperature can drop a bit.
  5. A long-sleeved sweater
  6. flashlight
  7. Three shirts
  8. Swimsuit
  9. Light towel or yoga towel.
  10. Personal hygiene items: soap, toilet paper, toothpaste (hopefully biodegradable products)
  11. Small backpack, try not to carry many things, only what is necessary.
  12. Plastic bags (for rain)
  13. – 3 or 4 pairs of socks.
  14. Do you take any medication? Bring it.
  15. Identification document
  16. Cash (for the purchase of handicrafts or refreshments on the way)
  17. Shoe that covers the ankles (hiking boots)

There is no mobile signal or internet
Up early
Have a good physical condition
wear suitable shoes
Do you bring plastics for the tour? return them to the city
Do not harm or touch mosses or remove wild flowers
Forbidden to enter alcoholic and intoxicating beverages
Follow only established routes
Follow the recommendations of the guides in the area


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