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Ciudad Perdida 4 días (Pay 15%)

$ 63

You can book any day of the year (except from September 1 to 30, the only date on which the tour to Ciudad Perdida closes)
The 2023 price is 1,750,000 ($460 USD approx…) and will be updated to the new 2024 price starting in December 2023
– You can RESERVE your spot with 15% and pay the remaining balance directly at our office at the time of starting the tour.

– Complete Food
– Native indigenous guides Wiwas and Koguis
– Accommodation in hammocks or beds
– Entrance to the Ciudad Perdida park
– Travel insurance during the tour
– Refreshments and Snacks
– Transportation in a jeep round trip
– English translator
– Contribution to Indigenous and peasant communities

DAY 1:
The tour begins at 8:30 am, the group meets where they will meet their guide and start a new adventure to the mamey (Sector to the lost city trail), it is a village of peasants located in the Sierra Nevada, the trip is Approximately 2 hours in Jeep Transport. In the Mamey you will have lunch and in the afternoon you will start the walk along an ecological path accompanied by a lot of vegetation and a fairly pleasant climate. They will make stops on the route where there will be information points, they will have snacks and hydration. They will be arriving at approximately 5:00 pm at the first camp where they will be able to settle in the camp, take a cold shower and enjoy a delicious dinner in company of the group, after that they will have an indigenous talk around a campfire if the wood is dry and then each one rests in their hammock or bed.

DAY 2:
The walk on the second day is considered more demanding, but not impossible, so you have to start the day very early, after breakfast at 6:00 a.m., start the walk that will last 4 hours bordering mountains and rivers until reach the intermediate point (WIWA Camp) where they will stop for two hours more or less to have lunch and enjoy a waterfall called wiwa waterfall, without a doubt a wonderful experience, at the end of the rest they will leave again for 4 hours until the last point to 1 km from lost city. The road is cleared and a part within the

jungle, somewhere there are ups and downs, beautiful views and sounds that calm the dawn of the adventurous soul, arriving at the last camp they will be able to share in a group, there will be a river where they can take a bath and they will have dinner to rest and recover energy

DAY 3:
The third day is very important. To capture the best photos on the terraces of Ciudad Perdida and see the first rays of the sun on the terraces of CIUDAD PERDIDA, our time to get up is at 5:30 am. From the paradise camp to Ciudad Perdida there is only one kilometer, you have to climb the 1,250 stone steps to reach the first circular terraces. They will remain in the archaeological site with the guides visiting one for 2 to 3 hours, the tour consists of knowing the 4 sectors of Ciudad Perdida, carrying out group activities, learning about the indigenous environment and what their way of life was like at the top of the mountains and Being able to take many souvenir photos to keep as a personal achievement after having walked so much, once the tour is over they will return to the Paraíso camp for lunch. In the afternoon you will walk 4 hours back to reach the Wiwa camp again, at night there will be a cultural bonfire to thank and share experiences lived on the tour.

DAY 4:
On the 4th is the return to the CITY of Santa Marta, the return walk begins from the camp to the first point where everything began, for this reason there will be a stop at an indigenous store where you can buy your own and sold indigenous souvenirs For them, you will go through the first camp where you will take a break and continue the tour. They will be arriving at 12:00 noon in Mamey, where they will be able to have lunch, spend the last time with the group, and take the Jeep back to the city of Santa Marta. They will be arriving in the city at 4:00 pm.

Lost City is a unique and incomparable adventure, the experiences can change depending on the weather and how the terrain is.

Insect repellent
Sandals or flip flops to cross rivers
Comfortable clothes for walking
Light towel or yoga towel.
Small trekking backpack
Plastic bags for rain
personal medicines
Cash (for the purchase of handicrafts or soft drinks on the way)
Trekking shoes (hiking boots)

There is no mobile signal or internet
Up early
Have a good physical condition
wear suitable shoes
Do you bring plastics for the tour? return them to the city
Do not harm or touch mosses or remove wild flowers
Forbidden to enter alcoholic and intoxicating beverages
Follow only established routes
Follow the recommendations of the guides in the area

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    Booking policies
    *The total deposit is refundable as long as it is canceled 48 hours in advance.
    *If you cancel the tour 24 hours before your travel date, the deposit is refundable only 50% of the value of the reservation. This applies until 3:00 pm one day before the departure date.
    *Tour canceled after 4:00 p.m. one day before the departure date is non-refundable.
    *To make a change in your reservation you must inform us 24 hours in advance.
    *You must pay 100% of the tour before leaving the office.
    *Once the Lost City Tour has started, no refund of any kind is made.

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