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Where does the tour start?

Santa Marta, from the historic center, northern Colombia.

Where is the Ciudad Perdida located?

Northern Colombia, near the city of Santa Marta.

How much do you have to walk daily?

The average is 12 kilometers per day

The price of Lost City?

For 2023, the price is 1,750,000 per person or 445 in dollars.

What are the best travel agencies to do the trek to Ciudad Perdida?

There are only 7 Travel Agencies authorized to carry out the tour to Ciudad Perdida. Two groups are divided: a) rural travel agencies (Magic Tour, ExpoTur, TeyunaTours and Turcol) and B) Travel Agencies with indigenous guides that are the following: Wiwa Tur and us, Ciudad Perdida with indigenous guides

How is the process to book the tour to Ciudad Perdida?

First you must choose a date on which you are going to travel, then you must deposit 15% and send the personal data to the mail, this is the link

Where are we going to spend the night?

In the 3 camps that are on the route to Ciudad Perdida.

What kind of food are we going to eat on the route to the Lost City?

At the time of booking, you must specify type of diet, if you are vegetarian, vegan or if you are allergic to any type of food.

What elements are necessary for the tour to Ciudad Perdida in my suitcase?

Mosquito repellent, Sandals to cross rivers, Sunscreen, Comfortable clothes to walk, Bathing suits, A yoga towel, Useful for personal hygiene, Small backpack to travel, Plastics to cover the suitcase when it rains, 4 pairs of socks , Personal medications, Cash to purchase crafts and energy drinks, Trekking boots.

What time does the tour end on the last day?

The tour starts at 8:30 am and ends at 4:00 pm in Santa Marta.

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