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Hike to Ciudad Perdida with native guides, a unique experiencia

Hike to ciudad perdida: In the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountain, there are 4 ethnic groups, direct descendants of the Tayrona civilization that built the Lost City of Colombia. The Wiwas, Koguis, Arhuacos and the Kankuamos. Each retains its traditional language, customs and clothing. The Wiwas and the Koguis live around the route to Ciudad Perdida and since 2008 they have decided to train and organize groups to carry out the walk to Ciudad Perdida.

Number of native guides for the hike to Ciudad Perdida

At this moment we are 25 native guides, who go on walks every day to the Lost City. Most of us live in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and we went down to the city of Santa Marta a day before to organize the group and travel with the group. We speak Spanish and our traditional language, several of us already speak English as well. To learn more about our culture and the process to organize groups for the walk to Ciudad Perdida, you can travel with us.

How is the hike to Ciudad Perdida with a native guide?

For us, the Lost City is a sacred site where our ancestors built this stone city to pay tribute to mother earth. We will explain how we understand nature, respect for water and stone buildings. On day 3, before entering the archeological site, we perform a traditional ceremony to release bad energy before visiting the famous lost city. You can be part of this experience traveling with us.

Where are we going to spend the night on the hiking to Ciudad Perdida?

On the route to Ciudad Perdida there are 3 camps, they are 12 to 14 kilometers from each other. Camp 3 and Camp 3 belong to the indigenous community of the Koguis, in these camps we have a bonfire for a talk about our ancient cultures, customs and thoughts. On the route you will find two indigenous communities living in their traditional houses built of palms and mud. The native guide will explain the system and technology we use to build our houses.

How do I book the hike to Ciudad Perdida with native guides?

You must enter the page to reserve and deposit 15% of the total cost of the tour and we will send you a confirmation email through registered mail at the time of making the deposit. The remaining balance can be paid directly in our office at the time of starting the tour. We receive payments in cash, transfer or credit card payment. It is recommended that you make deposits in advance, at least 6 months in advance if you are going to travel in high season.

Yeah. We have several translators who travel with a guide in case the guide does not speak English. This service has no additional cost. You should only request when booking the tour to Ciudad Perdida with native guides. At the time of booking, we will ask you for the type of food that you do not eat, allergies and information that will help us to better organize your experience for the Lost City walk with native guides.

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