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Exploring Lost City of Colombia’s Fame in International Media

The Lost City is famous internationally.

For this reason, many international, science, technology and travel magazines have referenced us as a destination to know for lovers of travel around the world.

The Lost City is one of those magical places that you must visit if you pass through Colombia.  Here we provide you with all the web pages of magazines and media that have talked about The Lost City: 


Teyuna, antigua capital del pueblo tairona, ha sido víctima de saqueos, pero los arqueólogos se propusieron salvar las reliquias de este sitio histórico de Colombia” 

BBC Mundo 

Only accessible by a 44km trek through inhospitable jungle terrain, visiting Ciudad Perdida gives travellers the chance to live out their Indiana Jones fantasies

CNN ESPAÑOL  – International

La Ciudad Perdida de Colombia es más antigua que Machu Picchu y casi nadie la visita” 

The New York Post  – International

A Visual Trek Through the Sweltering Jungle: In Search of Colombia’s ‘Lost City’” 


The aura of The Lost City has unequivocally transcended borders, seamlessly captivating the hearts and minds of those fervently seeking extraordinary adventures and delving into the wellspring of profound historical revelations. As a testament to its universal allure, individuals from diverse corners of the globe find themselves irresistibly drawn to this enigmatic destination.

This magnetic pull is not confined by geographical constraints; rather, it serves as a unifying force for wanderers who yearn to unearth the mysteries of the past while embarking on an unparalleled adventure of the present. As the whispers of its storied history ripple through the collective consciousness, the Lost City emerges as a beacon that beckons travelers to venture beyond the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary.

A Tapestry of International Acclaim

Within the intricate folds of its narrative, this iconic site encapsulates the quintessence of both discovery and enlightenment. The Lost City’s historical enigma offers a canvas upon which explorers can paint their own narratives, weaving threads of curiosity, awe, and personal transformation. It stands as a living testament to the notion that beyond physical boundaries, there exists a shared yearning for experiences that resonate on a deeply human level.

In a world often fragmented by differences, the Lost City’s allure serves as a catalyst for connection, fostering a global community united by the pursuit of awe-inspiring landscapes and moments that defy time. Whether traversing the pages of renowned publications or walking in the footsteps of those who have ventured before, each individual adds their own brushstroke to the canvas of the Lost City’s narrative.

As you stand at the crossroads of anticipation and exploration, the Lost City extends an invitation that transcends linguistic, cultural, and societal divisions. It beckons you to become a part of its tapestry—a story that continues to unfold with each footstep taken, each discovery made, and each connection forged. In this enchanting convergence of history and exploration, the Lost City stands as an emblem of the universal human quest for meaning, wonder, and the ineffable magic that lies just beyond the horizon.

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