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The Lost City without a Guide, is it possible?

You must travel with an expert guide or an indigenous guide

No, you cannot travel to Ciudad Perdida without an expert guide who knows the route well. It is necessary to hire a tour with an authorized agency to enter the archaeological park and take a tour of the trails that pass through areas owned by the indigenous people and peasants who care for the place. In addition, the road is very difficult and you can get lost due to many detours that the route presents.

Some recommendations for traveling to the Lost City are:

  • Choose well the number of days you want to do the tour and schedule a special date with us
  • There is no mobile signal so the disconnection will be total.
  • Electricity will only be at night in the camps, electricity is generated by solar panels or gasoline-powered motorcycles.
  • Bring a small backpack with the essentials: comfortable and warm clothing, suitable footwear, sunscreen, repellent, hat, sunglasses, bottle of water, documents and cash.
  • Hydrate well and eat enough during the tour. The tour includes food and drinking water in the camps where you spend the night.
  • Respect the culture and environment of the area. Do not touch or damage the archaeological ruins, do not leave garbage or make excessive noise. Listen to the instructions of the guide and the indigenous people.
  • Carry the rhythm of the group.
  • Enjoy the experience and nature. Lost City is a magical place full of history that is worth knowing and admiring.

Here is the list of things to bring

Here you can reserve your place

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