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The Lost City and Machu Picchu

The wonders of South America and World Heritage Site

Colombia’s Lost City and Peru’s Machu Picchu are two of the most impressive archaeological sites in South America, revealing the richness and mystery of the ancient civilizations that built them. Both places are UNESCO World Heritage Sites and attract thousands of visitors every year. However, they also have their own characteristics that make them unique and different. Here are some similarities and differences between these two destinations.

Similarities: Machu Picchu and Ciudad Perdida

  1. Pre-Hispanic origin: Ciudad Perdida was built by the Tayronas around the 8th century AD, while Machu Picchu was built by the Incas in the 15th century AD. Both cities were abandoned after the arrival of the Spanish and rediscovered centuries later by explorers and researchers.
  2. Location in the Andes Mountains: Ciudad Perdida is located in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, in Colombia, at about 1,200 meters above sea level. Machu Picchu is located in the Eastern Cordillera, in Peru, at about 2,430 meters above sea level. Both cities are surrounded by mountains, forests and rivers that create spectacular landscapes.
  3. Architecture adapted to the environment: Ciudad Perdida and Machu Picchu show the ability and knowledge of their builders to take advantage of the land and natural resources. Both cities are made up of terraces, stairs, squares, temples, houses and other stone buildings that integrate with the landscape.
  4. Religious and cultural value: Ciudad Perdida and Machu Picchu were ceremonial and administrative centers of their respective cultures. In both places you can see evidence of the worldview, astronomy, agriculture, engineering and art of the Tayronas and the Incas. In addition, both places are considered sacred by the current indigenous communities that inhabit or visit them.
  5. Access through walks: Ciudad Perdida and Machu Picchu can be visited through guided walks that last several days. These walks allow you to learn about the history, nature and culture of the areas that are covered, as well as live an experience of adventure and connection with the past.

Differences: Machu Picchu and Ciudad Perdida

  1. Degree of conservation: Ciudad Perdida is less preserved than Machu Picchu, due to the fact that it suffered more looting and human intervention. In addition, Ciudad Perdida is more exposed to erosion and the growth of vegetation, which makes it difficult to maintain. Machu Picchu, on the other hand, has been more rigorously restored and protected, which has allowed it to better preserve its original structure.
  2. Degree of popularity: Machu Picchu is much more popular than Ciudad Perdida, both nationally and internationally. Machu Picchu receives about a million visitors a year, while Ciudad Perdida receives about 15,000. This is because Machu Picchu has more media coverage, more tourist facilities and more recognition as a symbol of Peru.
  3. Degree of difficulty: Ciudad Perdida is more difficult to visit than Machu Picchu, since it involves a longer and more demanding walk. To get to Ciudad Perdida it is necessary to walk about 46 kilometers (round trip) for four or five days along irregular paths, crossing rivers and climbing steps. To get to Machu Picchu, you can choose the famous Inca Trail, which lasts four days and covers about 43 kilometers, or other shorter or easier alternative routes.
  4. Degree of authenticity: Ciudad Perdida offers a more authentic experience than Machu Picchu, because it is less crowded and on the way you will find the native indigenous communities. It only operates about 7 Travel Agencies, one of which is a company with indigenous guides, this company is us.
  5. Proximity to the sea: Ciudad Perdida is only 27.6 kilometers from the Caribbean Sea in a straight line. While Machu Picchu is located in the Andes mountains.

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